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Each year the Cooper Trooper Foundation hosts it’s primary fundraiser, the “Pumpkin Patch” at the corner of Cool Springs Blvd. and Mallory Lane. We open the first Saturday in October and remain open each day through Halloween. The Pumpkin Patch is operated by hundreds of volunteers throughout the month.

After we pay for our pumpkins, 100% of the profit from this fundraiser goes straight to the Cooper Trooper Foundation to support our mission of funding pediatric cancer research through a fund set up with Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt. Additionally, Cooper Trooper supports siblings of children diagnosed with cancer by sending a special backpack full of items just to brighten their day and help remind them that they are not forgotten. It is because of our volunteers, generous sponsors, and the thousands of customers who purchase their “pumpkin for a purpose” that we are able to continue doing what we do to help these families whose worlds have been turned upside down by childhood cancer.

If you or a group you are involved with are interested in volunteering at the patch, please visit our online volunteer sign-up form or email! We would LOVE to have you involved and promise you will have a GREAT time!

Where is The Cooper Trooper Foundation’s Pumpkin Patch?

Located in Franklin, Tennessee at the corner of Cool Springs Blvd. and Mallory Lane in front of Walgreens (530 Cool Springs Blvd., Franklin, TN 37067).

What are the dates/hours of operation?

The  Pumpkin Patch will be in operation the 1st Saturday in October  – October 31st. Hours are:

Sunday-Friday- 10am – 7pm

Saturday 9am – 8pm

What kind of payment do you take for purchasing pumpkins?

We accept cash, local personal checks, and all major credit cards.

Is there a cost to get in to the pumpkin patch?

No. We hope that your visit to our pumpkin patch is an opportunity for you to purchase our amazing pumpkins and gourds, as 100% of the profit from sales go directly to The Cooper Trooper Foundation. Buying pumpkins for a purpose is what it is all about!

What else is there to do at the pumpkin patch?

We have a corn hole game, bean bag toss and corn trough for kids to play with any time. Every Saturday and Sunday, we also offer FREE FUN for children with trained face-painters (Sat. 1-5 and Sun. 11-5), and a bounce house. You may also take photos at the patch…if we aren’t helping someone else with their pumpkins, we will even take a family photo for you! Our hope is that you will come have fun with your family and purchase a few pumpkins before you leave, to support our mission of helping families who have a child diagnosed with cancer!

How do I volunteer to work shifts at the pumpkin patch?

Click here to visit the online Volunteer Sign Up Calendar. There are daily shifts, which require a specific number of people to make sure things operate smoothly.  NOTE: Volunteers that are under the age of 16 should NOT sign up for a shift spot on the calendar, but are welcome to come with a parent or adult who will sign up themselves for a spot. The only exception is for our designated shifts for 10-15 year olds, specified on the volunteer calendar for Wagon Helpers and Student Kid’s Corner helpers. We ask that you not volunteer for a shift if you have young children that will require your attention during your shift. This is for everyone’s safety.

What do I need to know about volunteering to unload pumpkins?

Our pumpkins come from New Mexico on 18-wheeler trucks (typically 2 trucks at a time). There are anywhere from 4,000 up to 8,000 pumpkins on each truck. THAT’S A LOT OF PUMPKINS…which means, you guessed it, A LOT of volunteers! There is a place on the Volunteer  Calendar to sign up for pumpkin unloading days. If you are with a group- a representative from your group should sign up with the group name and the number of volunteers. For example, (PAGE HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL- 65 VOLUNTEERS). Please NOTE: Due to safety concerns, children under the age of 12-13 years old, are NOT allowed to be in the pumpkin-unloading lines OR in the area near the trucks as the pumpkins are distributed off of the trucks. (Some of the pumpkins weigh well over 50 lbs and men are running these up and down the hill…the last thing we want is for anyone to accidentally get knocked down or run over). However, there are several opportunities for these younger kids to help with wee-bee pumpkins up around the tent area.

What about children volunteering at the Pumpkin Patch?

 Only those age 16 and above can sign up for a shift on the volunteer calendar. We must insure that each shift is adequately covered, so if you sign up your child, it will take up a spot needed for an adult.

– Children ages 10-15 years old may sign up for our weekend spots to be a “wagon helper” or to help in the kid’s corner. For safety reasons, there must be at least 2 children (or a child with an adult) to take wagons down and help load customers cars. NO ONE UNDER THE AGE OF 10 years old may take wagons down the hill. Children under the age of 10 years old, should plan on working alongside their parent during a shift, and will be under the parent’s supervision. If your child (at any age) is not able to  work with you or be independent during a shift, we would ask that you find childcare or consider another shift that you can come without your child. While we love for families to be involved, we need all adult volunteers who sign up, to be undistracted and ready to help customers. Again, our #1 concern is safety for everyone and making sure our customers are given the best experience possible.

-Finally, NO CHILDREN ARE ALLOWED BEHIND THE CHECKOUT AREA, and no one who hasn’t been specified or trained to work checkout and handle cash can be in this area. For insurance purposes, we MUST enforce this rule.

So, where do the pumpkins come from? Are they donated?

No. The pumpkins are not donated. Our pumpkins come from New Mexico through an organization called Pumpkins USA, which works with churches and non-profits, who host pumpkin patch fundraisers. We have a contract with Pumpkins USA and are given our pricing by them. We are required to report our sales each day and will pay for the pumpkins we sell at the end of the month. Depending on the percentage of our sales, we get to keep a pre-determined profit when the patch is over. 100% of this profit is kept by the foundation to support our mission, after we pay for the pumpkins that are sold.

Additionally, we have contracted with a local farmer for some of our pumpkins and pay for these pumpkins as they are received. Any profit from these local pumpkins is also kept by CTF to support our mission.

Volunteer Opportunities

We need you! It takes hundreds of volunteers to “run” the pumpkin patch each year. Whether you can help unload pumpkins for a few hours one Saturday, or would like to help with selling pumpkins on several shifts. You will have a great time! Be sure to read our FAQ page for information regarding age requirements and other volunteer info.

If you have a group, sports team, church , school, college, or club that you are involved with and are looking for an opportunity to serve by volunteering for The Cooper Trooper Foundation…. WE WOULD LOVE TO HAVE YOU! Sign up to help us here

Do you have a business or company that would like to be a Corporate Sponsor of The Cooper Trooper Foundation’s Pumpkin Patch? Not only will you be supporting a local non-profit in your community, but will have the advantage of “marketing” your business for almost an entire month at one of the most heavy volume-of-traffic intersections in the county.

A special thank you to our 2019 Platinum Sponsors

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Will You Join Our Mission?

Will you join us in our mission to support those families that are diagnosed with pediatric cancer today and to help find the cure for tomorrow?