It’s always a good thing to evaluate where you’ve been, where you are, and where you are going. The Cooper Trooper Foundation strives to make on-going progress in meeting the needs of families battling childhood cancer. Therefore, we recently met with our Child-Life Specialist liason at the hospital to discuss how we could improve our “Caring and Courage Kits” for siblings of children diagnosed with cancer. After discussing our ideas and getting great feedback, we are so pleased to add some great new items to our kits for siblings. We will now include a journal and pen, sticker, and a Huggable Hope duck for younger siblings.

Huggable Hope Duck

You may have heard of Chemo Duck. If not, Gabe’s Chemo Duck Program offered by Gabe’s My Heart, non-profit program, is a wonderful educational resource for children and families living with cancer. To find out more about Gabe’s Chemo Ducks click HERE. Huggable Hope is a great companion for siblings and we are thrilled and honored to include it in our kits.