What an awesome pumpkin patch we had this year! We sold more pumpkins than ever before, and raised over $53,000 for Cooper Trooper! So, thank you to all of the sponsors who support us financially, so that every dollar raised can go straight into the foundation. Thank you, also, to the amazing volunteers, the teams and groups who come out to unload thousands of pumpkins, David Crabtree for our prime location, Santa’s Trees for lights and steps this year, Walgreens for their continued support and use of the parking lot, Novo Nordisk for bringing a clean up crew, Go Minis for the storage pod, Nashville Tent, the “A” team crew for filling in the gaps and always being willing to help in any capacity, and for our customers who came out for the first time and those who continue to come back and spread the word for us! We couldn’t pull it off without YOU! So, thank you for continuing to support “Pumpkins for a Purpose.” You make a difference in the lives of families impacted by childhood cancer, because of your support of CTF and the Pumpkin Patch.