We are thrilled to be able to help Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital this holiday season.


“Champs Holiday House” which is a two day shopping opportunity for families. The child life team organizes all the gifts that have been donated, then invites each family for their shopping time. They are given tickets to choose gifts for all of the children in their family (not just the patient) and volunteers wrap the gifts for them. It is a great couple of days, and helps families feel a bit more in control as they are choosing what their children get for Christmas.

So we need donations, and the items they always run low on (which is where Cooper Trooper Foundation would like to fill in the most), are gifts and gift cards for teenage boys and girls and infants under the age of 1.

Below is a list of things that are important to consider when getting gifts:

*Due to infection control we cannot accept used stuffed animals, toys, used books, magazines or games.

*No edible treats

*Please avoid toys that promote violence (e.g. guns, knives)

*Because we serve a very culturally diverse population, please avoid religious items or gifts with religious content or scriptures. (I.e.
bibles, crosses, cards with psalms, etc.)

*Please do not place labels on, wrap, or place gifts in gift bags.

*No latex balloons are allowed in the

*All items should arrive unwrapped and in
original packaging.

There is a collection bin located inside A-game Sports in Franklin (215 Gothic Court, Franklin, TN 37067) or you can send gift card donations to: 227 Chester Stevens Rd., Franklin, TN 37067

Deadline to receive gifts is December 21st

Thank you for being a part of helping these families!